Introducing the eplus+ series, the best windows of its class, and always is the right choice. The system shows notable heat insulation values in all versions and profile depths without steel in the frame. This contributes actively to the reduction of the CO2, the saving of heating cost and consequently to environmental protection.

The eplus+ combines state-of-the-art technology an attractive design. By bonding the window sash with the insulation glass pane and replacing steel reinforcement by glass fibre reinforced plastic bars, the metal free window has become a reality. The concept proposed Tiltco is a new direction in thinking about energy efficiency, because it is related to the elimination of the profiles in steel reinforcements, which causes the deterioration of the heat. In addition, by implementing this technology Tiltco meets the needs of consumers and optimizes the processes associated with the manufacture of windows.

Tiltco’s strong network worldwide combined with our know-how and quality helps to ensure that our eplus series performs to the best of its quality. The bonding of the sash with the insulation glass pane and the replacement of steel reinforcement by glass fibre reinforced plastic bars in the inside of the window system are used to create a metal free window or door.


The sophisticated insides of frame and sash avoid metallic thermal bridges. Entirely free of foam inserts and special reinforcements that are thermally separated, it reaches outstanding insulation values and stability.

The eplus series consequently offers best insulation values in combination with an outstanding construction, so that safety, sound insulation and design are equally respected.

Upvc windows do not only present a long lasting durability but they can also be recycled which is another environmental advantage. Plastics are up to 100% recyclable without loss of quality. Due to the fact that PVC windows are proceed environmentally friendly, the pvc windows can be made out recyclable material and can be re-used in the future to extend the life cycles. As energy losses of the housing are mainly (40%) arises around the window and door area, these are parts of the building envelope are being in the focus of the efforts to save valuable energy and reduce the costs for heating and/or cooling. The uPVC windows are suitable even for the top ranked passive house standards. This fact ensures lowest energy consumption. Based on our expertise, we develop innovative high-quality products that set professional standards in our branch. Tiltco Meets todays requirements as heat and noise insulation, burglary resistance and an elegant design.



• Completely harmless for humans
• Can be cleaned easy with using a mild detergent, such as soapy water
• Resistance agaisnt termites and never rot, rust or corrode, deformities by moisture and temperature differences
• Inhibits the growth of disease causing bacteria and moulds as it doesnt hold moisture
• The initial costs for U-PVC windows are lower than the price for the compatible good quality wooden and aluminum windows

• Use of lead-free PVC for the main profiles
• Easy to recycle that preserves nature especially the tropical forests

• Perfect for heat and coolness insulation
• Excellent for sound insulation, especially in the grow ing urban regions
• In conjunction with modern glasses first-rate insu lation values can be achieved

• All hardware, gaskets, weather-strips an glazing can be easily replaced without removing the frame from the structure

• Efficiency for years and durability without recurrent effort of conservation with paint or special mainte nance
• Protect the occupant because of their excellent burglar resistance

• The value of housing can be increased by integration of tiltco window and door profiles

• delicate optics with various types
• different forms e.g. semicircular arched windows
• available in countless color variations, inside, outside and unequal
• Suited for new buildings as well as renovation of existing houses
• customized as per individual requirments



• FIXED - A fixed window is a windows that does not open. Generally more efficient because they can be more airtight and they offer the most in terms of safety and security.

• HOPPER - Hopper Windows are the reverse of awning window in that they are hinged and open inward at the top.

• MULTISLIDE - The multi-slide offers a functional product that allows multiple panels to overlap other panels for extremely large openings.

• IN SWING - In Swing Windows are windows that open inwards or outwards depending on the design.

• OUTSWING - Out Swing Windows are windows that open inwards or outwards depending on the design.

• LIFT & SLIDE - The lift & slide accomadates openings as wide as 20' and as high as 10 ft. The hardware is what gives the lift & slide its feather light operability.

• BI-FOLDING - The bi folding door offers a functional product that allows multiple panels to overlap in a accordian style for extremely large openings.

• TILT & TURN - The Tilt and Turn function has special hardware that allows the window to either tilt inward, or to swing inward like a door.

Custom architectural shapes are a necessary option whether the project is a historical restoration or a new build. This option allows for freedom of design whilst maintaining a weatherproof profile that will be sure to keep the elements out. TILTCO manufactures both fixed shape windows and operable units. Tilt and Turn windows can be made operable to give you a unique look while still fully functionable.

tilt and turn


Eplus+ Hardware
Sash Lifter Tilt-and-turn hardware lifts thesash into the correct position withminimal effort and guarantees along service life.
Multi-point Locking Increased security thanks to multi-point locking system. The systemguarantees basis security.
Lockable Handle When it comes to security the firstchoice is a lockable handle. Thislocking mechanism additionally increase a window´s or door´s security.
Turning Handle The essential operating control of a window fitting is the turninghandle. Only a turn of the handlecan open, close, tilt or fold thewindow or door.


Based on the great variety of windows there are hardware systems for the most different window types. The hardware is a significant component of the window, especially for handling and security. The hardware forthe most common European tilt and turn systems offers the best safety, security and comfort for your home.

Eplus+ Glazing
Tinted Glass Colorants added to the basic glass batch that gives the glass color, and reduces the transmission of light through it. The color extends throughout the thickness of the glass.
Tempered Glass A type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increaseits strength compared with normal glass. Fully toughened glass is approximately 4 to 5times stronger than heat treated glass of the same thickness when exposed to uniform static pressure loads.
Laminated Two or more panels of glass permanently bonded together with one or more interlayer. It offers good acoustic insulation and a high protection against burglary.
Double/Triple Glazing
Double or even triple glass window panels separated by an air or other gas space like Argonto reduce heat transfer and / or sound transmittance across a part of the building envelope.In insulated glass units the space between the glass panes is thoroughly dried and the edgesare sealed to eliminate possible condensation and provide superior insulating properties.

Image is an example of the e8000 triple glass window.

Light Admission Indicates the amount of visible light transmitted. The higher the visible transmittance, the more light is transmitted.
Solar Heat Gain The amount of directly transmitted and absorbed solar energy that enters the building’s interior (when compared to an open space). The coefficient should be as low as possible.
!Please note:The solar heat gain coefficient should be as low as possible while the light admission should be as high as possible.We will be pleased to help you making your best decision.

Eplus+ Thermal Insulation

Did you know

That windows are the weak point in your facade? Although windows comprise only 8 % of the entire building envelope they cause almost 40 % of the building’s heat loss.


Conventional wooden sash and frame construction

Almost no heat loss after renovating using Tiltco's Eplus+ system

Whether constructing a new building or renovating an existing building – always opt for energy-saving windows, even though purchase costs are higher. aluplast uPVC window systems ensure care-free living comfort for more than 30 years. Feel at home and save real money:

• Reduce heating costs and spare your wallet Enjoy maintenance-free living comfort.
• Minimise CO2 emissions and help protect the environment
• Conserve our natural resources for generations to come

For the good of the environment we should replace all single glazing windows and old double glazing windows (1995 and earlier) as they cause energy losses and hence CO2 emissions.


How to care for your new PVC window frames

Tiltco window profiles are made of weathering resistant high-quality PVC that requires low maintenance. Common soiling on the even, non-porous and hygienic surface caused by rain and dust can easily be removed with normal washing-up liquid.

Never use cleansing agents that can damage the surface as abrasives or chemicals (e.g. nitro diluter), benzene or similar agents. Clean your windows as required according to the type and level of soiling. In the case of soiling that cannot be removed as described here, please consult your local aluplast partneryour local aluplast partner.

How to care for the gaskets

The gaskets of your PVC window are made of high-quality weathering and ageing resistant rubber. Remember when cleaning your windows to also remove dust and soiling from the gasket.

To durably conserve the gaskets’ elasticity and functionality apply special silicone oil every now and then.

To purchase cleansing and care products please contact your local aluplast partner.

How to care for the hardware

To conserve your hardware’s functionality and movability you should lubricate it once in a while. Use oil to lubricate the movable parts of your hardware and non-corroding grease or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) for the locking points.

By this means you can conserve your windows’ functionality.

For further information please consult your local aluplast partner.

Ventilation and Heating

Modern PVC windows present such a high tightness that no natural air exchange can take place. Proper ventilation in combination with modern windows saves heating costs and creates a healthy and hygienic room climate.

Cross ventilation with two opposite windows is especially quick and effective – one single open window is sometimes not enough. Ventilate at least five to ten minutes to let in fresh air.

It is recommended to ventilate three to four times a day. Remove items that obstruct the air flow, e.g. move furniture away from the wall a little. Ventilate more frequently in the case of additional humidity, for example when cooking, bathing, taking a shower etc. Please remember: A misted-up window is the best indicator that ventilation is required.

Initial cleaning of PVC windows after installation

Despite all the care taken by the craftsmen during installation, soiling as mortar splatters, fingerprints, wallpaper paste, colour splatters etc. may occur. Most soiling can easily be removed. Mortar and colour splatters generally can be removed with a semi-rigid putty knife. Carefully scrape the soiling off and wipe with a damp cloth.

Take care not to damage the surfaces as the small, sharp pebbles may leave scratches. Adhesive residues on the glass can carefully be removed with a sharp razor blade.