The Multi-Sliding door offers builders and architects a functional product for extremely large openings for both commercial and residential applications. The system offers a freedom of design that includes a multi track assembly for stacking doors over a fixed panel or even into a pocket within the wall construction. A low aluminum sill track allows for a seamless transition from the interior to exterior creating a true barrier free feeling. The profile is available in white core PVC and can also be painted or laminated with solid or wood grain foils. Doors, windows and curtain walls are available to complete the fenestration package. Other options available are interior and exterior foil or color, various glass types, extensions, and various handle finishes and styles.This system can also be used as a large sliding window or more engery efficient option is utilizing a PVC frame sill that still utilizes an aluminum track.

Option Summary:

• Interior and/or Exterior Foil/Color
• Various glass types
• Extensions/Brick Moulds
• Grills: SDL/GBG/TDL
• Handle finishes & styles

Make sure to contact your local sales representitive for more information and details for your next project.



multislide schematic tiltco


Freedom of design, i.e. Ability to manufacture large operable units. Bi-folding doors can be integrated with many of Tiltco's products.

Maintenance Free
Little cleaning required due to a high gloss finish uPVC. The low porosity of the profile will not allow particulates to collect on frame and sash.

Endless colors, wood veneers and hardware finishes available.

Multi-functioning operation.

Multi-point locks. Structurally reinforced frames, sashes and mullions.