TILTCO offers many various interior and exterior colour finishes in accordance with an individual design requirements. The process of lamination of the TILTCO E70/P50 series profiles is amazing. Turning the high gloss white uPVC material lengths into a custom wood or solid color finish adds a new dimension to the E70 windows and doors. Tiltco foils are not susceptible to moisture, dryness, heat, frost, and UV radiation and can withstand even the most extreme climate variations. TILTCO paint colours are a great way to set the tone for any residential or commercial project. From a wide range of paint colours to choose from, you can be assured that your windows or doors will look aesthetically appealing. To create a custom color of your choice, please contact TILTCO directly.

uPVC window and door systems can be coloured using a laminate film that is glued to the exterior of the window profile. Laminate Film gives more variety and durability than painting.

Laminated Profiles can have patterned variations throughout in order to give a more layered appearance. TILTCO laminates also provide a texture to the window surface.

Colors shown are meant to be close representation of the painted colors. Always request samples for accurate color match.